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The first 7 Opus One Releases, 1966-67
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Opus One records was founded in 1966 by our friend Max Schubel. Opus One produced music written by lesser known and emerging composers, from locations throughout the United States. Of course, over the years, many of these “lesser known” composers became quite well known!

The label became known for producing new and adventurous music that was released on LPs and CDs with fluorescent coloring and eye grabbing art so that the disks would visually reflect the aural adventure within, and stand out in the record store.

Max was a composer and a passionate champion of contemporary music. We will miss Max and his dedication to the advancement of new music. Check out this interview with Max from way back in 1976.

Mark Bunce, one of the founding partners of AMP Recordings edited and mastered dozens of the final releases on Opus One. Before his passing in 2010, Max indicated that he would like Mark and AMP Recordings to have a hand in maintaining the Opus One legacy. Due to laws governing the dissolution of a 501C3, we cannot issue new releases under the Opus One label. We have taken over the management of existing inventory and are investigating re-releasing some of the recordings as an imprint of AMP Recordings. That is how we handled the release of OO 198, the final Opus One Release, which was in production when Max passed.

There are 48 Opus One titles that are still actively distributed by Albany Music and can be purchased online at Arkive Music. We will continue to supply active distribution from existing inventory.

We will begin to make older releases, many on original vinyl, available on this site as we can, depending on inventory, so stay tuned!

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